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Coaching and Self Care

Say no to burnout, say YES to wellbeing!

'Burnout is a syndrome composed of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization of clients, and loss of feelings of personal accomplishment. It is widely believed that the burnout syndrome is most applicable to human service workers due to the emotional demands of their work. ...The problem of child care worker burnout can negatively impact an organization by increasing turnover, which has significant negative impacts on the wellbeing of the children as well as financial repercussions on the organization.' 

(Seti 2008)

Coaching is a proven method of increasing the personal and professional resources of workers enabling them to not just avoid burnout but to live well too. 

Why do you need coaching? 

You need coaching because it will help you to prioritise your own needs.  It can ensure that you improve your general wellbeing, develop and use your strengths, and become more of the person you desire to be both personally and professionally.  Coaching indeed helps you to buffer your resilience, enabling you to tackle whatever challenges arise with greater courage, determination and belief in your own ability to succeed. 


Coaching is: "...a collaborative, solution focused, result orientated and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experiences, self directed learning and the personal growth of the coachee” (Grant, 2000).

Coaching makes you feel responsible.  You invest the time and the money and this helps you to motivate yourself.  More importantly Cate holds you accountable, if you make plans and goals, the expectation is that you will take action upon them to make them happen.  If you do not do this, Cate will be reflecting this back to you and asking you why.  This responsibility and accountability ensures that you commit to the process.  Coaching encourages you to be proactive and make things happen, no excuses!  Then with each goal you achieve, you grow with a sense of capability and possibility, which spurs you on to do more.  

Coaching includes: 

Your indepth personal and professional assessment for your current circumstances, your needs, strengths, wellbeing and goals. 

Your personal coaching plan​ 

Your statement of commitment

One to one online coaching 

Email support

Between session homework

Between session calls if and when required

Review sessions to reflect, refocus and realign action

Throughout we use positive psychology tools to enhance your learning and development during and inbetween sessions

Wings for Success Coaching and Consultancy, supporting carers and professionals to buffer their resilience, work well and live well!

We work with Executives from:

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