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Foster Carers and Adoptive Parents

Consultancy for Foster Carers/ Adoptive Parents

Each job within the social care sector is important for different reasons.  Those individuals who have decided to take on the responsibility of being either foster carers or adopters are vitally important within the child care system.  Child protection issues are not decreasing in the world and this means that for some children they will only be safe if they are living outwith their family home.  We always need more people to provide fostering and adoption services to children and one of the best ways to attract more carers is to provide an excellent service of support.  Both government and non government organisations provide training and guidance, however sometimes this is not enough.  It is important to recognise that as foster carers and adopters it is perfectly reasonable and desirable that you should need and want ongoing support.  Indeed the children you are caring for have often experienced such trauma and neglect that at each new developmental stage, new challenges may arise and this requires a commitment from you to ongoing learning, flexibility, resilience and a clear determination to stick with them. 


For both foster carers and adopters finding the work/life balance is essential.


Foster Carers:  


A vital and admirable quality of foster carers is your ability to be present, available and nurturing to the children in your care, providing them with a home environment and taking on the role of being parental figures, for either short, or long periods of time.  Loving children and then having to let them go must be one of the hardest jobs in the world.  Yet with resilience and determination you achieve this time and again.  There are of course occasions when placements break down, and regardless of the reasons for the breakdown, this must be a particularly difficult and stressful time. 

Adoptive Parents: 

You may have become motivated to become adoptive parents for many reasons, personal and professional.  Whatever the reason, it is clear that the new life you can provide a child is a gift that claims them now and has the potential to change their life forever.  It is not however always easy, and the reality is sometimes far more difficult than some people might wish to admit.  Indeed it is recognised that often after the legal process is over, social work organisations take a step back.  Over the coming months and years you may feel alone and in need of support and guidance, however this support is often not available.  

Wings for Success Coaching and Consultancy is here to fill the gap with a service that works with you to to find the best balance between your personal and professional lives.  You will be supported through the good and the bad to improve your wellbeing, increase your resilience, understand and use your strengths, reach your goals, ensuring a good life for you and those you care for. 

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