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Adoptive parents and foster carers

Adoptive Parents

Adoption is often a profoundly positive solution, uniting children in need of parents with loving families and fulfilling the dreams of adults yearning to become parents. The journey from deciding to adopt to the moment you're matched with your child or children can span years.

Historically, adoptive parents and their children received limited support. The romanticized idea of family life often overshadowed the challenging realities they faced. Many adoptive parents have grappled with feelings of isolation, struggling to express their stresses and challenges. Today, we acknowledge that adoptive parents and their children undergo a range of experiences, both positive and difficult, necessitating external support at times.

If you are an adoptive parent, I provide a safe space within our coaching sessions to evaluate your circumstances and identify areas for positive change, ultimately leading to a better life. Remember, taking care of yourself enables you to care for your family in a way that fosters greater peace and harmony.

Foster Carers

One remarkable quality that defines foster carers is their unwavering presence, availability, and nurturing of the children and young people in their care. Whether you see your role as that of a caretaker or a parent, whether it's for a short or extended period, or even permanently, every foster carer's experience is unique.

For those who provide short-term care for children, who eventually transition to adoption or return to their families, it can be one of the most challenging (and often underappreciated) roles in the world. Those who find themselves fostering for longer periods or permanently face daily life challenges and system complexities that can seem never-ending. They may also contend with feelings of inadequate support and understanding.

No matter your situation, the coaching I provide can help you feel understood and prioritize your well-being, enabling you to better care for others.

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