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Adopted adult or adult with lived experience of foster care



Adopted adult...that's me! ​


For many children, young people and adults, being adopted has been positive and has changed their lives for the better.  Even though this may be true, it is also a reality that many adopted adults go on to question certain aspects of their lives.  The initial separation from a birth mother always has consequences for the individual in some way.  Lack of understanding about past relationships, personal history, health and decisions that were made for you, can cause uncertainty, insecurity and sometimes blockages that even you are not aware of.  Understanding who you are, where you come from, and why your life took the path that it did, for some is a lifelong process.* ​ ​


I was fostered...that's me!


Foster care experience varies greatly, some people have had good experiences and some have not.  For some people they have lived in a single foster family and for others they have lived with many.  Each time there has been a separation or a change in their lives, it has been necessary for them to adapt.  Furthermore, in most circumstances people who have lived experience of fostering have entered the child protection system because of abuse or neglect. 


Trauma is a word often put together with people who have lived these circumstances.  The accumulation of trauma is recognised to have significant impact on both mental health and wellbeing.  Often young people and certainly young adults are resilient and have forged a way forward into the world.  ​ If this has been your experience or not, coaching with Cate can help you to evaluate your current position in life, find new purpose or strengthen your purpose, build your confidence, recognize and use your strengths and find a good balance in wellbeing.  ​


* Adopted or fostered adult:  ​


Warning: coaching is not therapy. 


However, if whilst taking part in coaching you come to recognize that you could benefit from therapy, I can help you to find someone to meet these needs (undertaking therapy and coaching at the same time is possible and even beneficial, together we can decide how best to proceed). 


So if coaching is not therapy, what is it?


Coaching is about moving you forward, recognizing who you are and who you can be, identifying your strengths and supporting you to identify your goals and reach them. 


The difference with this coaching service is that my work experience and knowledge help me to have a base understanding about adoption and the benefits and consequences that are lived by both parents and those who are adopted.  Coaching can only work when there is a feeling of confidence between the coach and the coachee and this is what I hope that we can  co-created together.   ​ ​


Whatever your situation, coaching can support you to feel understood and prioritize your wellbeing.


Get in touch today to find out how:  

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