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Mentoring for Young People

Your past does not predict your future.  

You CREATE your future now!

Do you have goals that you want to achieve?

Do you want help to understand and use your strengths?

Do you want to improve your current life and the possibilities for your future? 

Mentoring with Cate will provide you with the space that you need to explore what is happening in your life, focus on what is important, and orientate you on where you want to go.  With over ten years experience working directly with children and young people as a social worker in Scotland, Cate will listen to you and guide you when you need help.  If you are currently involved with other services and need support in managing this input, Cate can advocate on your behalf.  Cate's service is an online experience therefore it is unintrusive and fits with your lifestyle.  Cate offers you one to one time to check in both in times of calm and in times of crisis.  Using the theories of positive psychology, strengths and mindfulness Cate will support you to take control and reach your goals. This support is offered so that you can make an impact in areas of your life such as: education, work, training, life skills, personal skills, and relationships, with the aim of achieving life satisfaction and good overall wellbeing.  

Mentoring is led by your needs and is designed to work alongside your development, promoting a more dynamic and connected way of living.  It is always important that your mentor is someone that you feel comfortable with, and so our first meeting is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to decide if online mentoring will give you what you need to make the changes you desire in your life.  


If mentoring sounds like an exciting opportunity to you, get in touch today!

You can refer yourself or someone can refer you by emailing:

Get started with Cate today to achieve the things that matter to you now!

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