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Coaching and Consultancy for Your Organization:


Empowering your team to cultivate resilient workers, foster nurturing environments, and provide vital support to families involved in foster care and adoption.


"Resilience can be defined as: the ability to THRIVE, MATURE, and CONTINUE to progress with CONFIDENCE in the face of prevailing circumstances" (Hooper, 2012).


The realm of social work and social care is consistently acknowledged as a high-stress area, with significant risk of burnout. Workers and families often find themselves feeling inadequately supported in these demanding roles.


Coaching offers a proactive solution for organizations to provide emotional care and support for their staff and the families or carers they serve. All of my services begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your organization's needs, or the needs of the families you support. This process enables us to collaboratively identify key areas for change, strengths, and weaknesses.


I provide coaching in the following contexts:


1. Coaching for Families within Your Program:


As an organization, you can contract me as an external resource to bolster the development and well-being of the families or adult care leavers in your program. We recognize that for individuals and families to provide effective care, they too must feel cared for. Offering coaching to your families and adult care leavers demonstrates your commitment to prioritizing their needs and well-being. I can be contracted for individual families or retained to provide support as needed. Contact me today to discuss your specific needs and design a tailored support package.

2. Return to Work:


Coaching is provided for individuals who have been on extended sick leave or maternity leave and are preparing to re-enter the workforce. Coaching promotes well-being, builds confidence, and ensures that your employees are resilient and prepared for the demands of their roles. This is achieved through a personalized assessment of their personal and professional well-being, the development of an action plan that addresses their specific needs, and step-by-step coaching to help them achieve their goals. The coaching can continue during the transition back to work and beyond, providing essential support and helping employees maintain a consistent level of optimism in their capacity to handle various challenges.

3. Coaching and Consultancy for Individual Workers:


Organizations can enlist me to complement their supervision process, fostering resilience, reinforcing strengths, and promoting positive practice. Initial assessments can be conducted either individually with the worker or in collaboration with their manager. Work plans can be negotiated and discussed to ensure that the support provided aligns with their unique needs while also serving the organization's objectives. The service is customized to you, grounded in the shared goals of promoting well-being and developing strengths.

4. Coaching and Consultancy for Managers:


Managers often find themselves balancing the needs of their staff with the demands of the organization, all while making critical decisions that impact the lives of others. Throughout this challenging process, they also strive to maintain a normal and stress-free life outside of work. In working together I ensure complete confidentiality and provide managers with a safe space to reflect on their personal and professional needs. Through an assessment and planning process, managers are empowered to reach specific goals, develop their strengths, and foster the use of strengths in themselves and their teams.


The overarching goal is to enhance and maintain a strong sense of well-being.

No matter the context, my coaching and consultancy services are here to support your organization in understanding and prioritizing the well-being of your teams.


Contact me today to learn more.

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