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Coaching and Consultancy in your Organisation: 


Supporting you to develop resilient workers and create nurturing environments.


​"Resilience can be defined as: the ability to THRIVE, MATURE and CONTINUE to move forward with CONFIDENCE whatever the prevailing circumstances"  (Hooper, 2012).

Social work and social care is consistently recognised as an area where there is significant risk from burnout due to high levels of stress and workers often feeling inadequately supported.  


Coaching is one way for organisations to be proactive in providing emotional care and support for their staff. 


All services with Wings for Success Coaching and Consultancy start with a strengths assessment to raise your awareness of what you are good at both individually and collectively as an organisation.  We then explore where these strengths are used and how they can be maximised to increase staff morale and improve practice.    



Wings For Success Coaching and Consultancy assists in the following services: 


Return to work: Coaching is provided for people who have been on sick leave for extended periods of time or maternity leave when they are preparing to return to work. 


Coaching promotes wellbeing, builds confidence and ensures that your workers are resilient and ready for work.  This is achieved through engaging the worker in an assessment of their personal and professional wellbeing, developing a plan of action with them that focuses on their specific needs and how they will address them, to then coach them step by step through to the achievement of their goals.  We will work to improve both their strengths and their weaknesses and seek to develop all round better wellbeing.  Coaching can continue during the transition back to work and after their return.  This can often be a great support to workers and helps them to maintain a consistent level of optimism in their capacity to deal with the various challenges that might arise. 

Coaching and consultancy for individual workers: Organisations can employ Cate at Wings for Success Coaching and Consultancy to compliment their supervision process, supporting the prevention of burnout, increasing resilience, reinforcing strengths and improving positive practice. 

Initial assessments can be undertaken either individually with the worker, or jointly with their manager.  Plans of work can be negotiated and discussed to ensure that the worker receives support specific to their needs and that this is working in tandem with the needs of the organisation.  The service is tailored to you, meanwhile staying grounded in the aims of promoting wellbeing and developing strengths use and understanding. 

For more information please click the link below for social workers then again follow on through the link "Coaching and Consultancy" for more specific information on what this can entail.  

Coaching for managers: Managers are often attempting to balance the needs of their workers with the needs and demands of the organisation, at the same time managing significant responsibilities in making decisions about the lives of others.  Throughout this process they are also attempting to live a normal and stress free life outside of work.

Wings for Success Coaching and Consultancy assures complete confidentiality in providing managers with the space to reflect on their own personal and professional needs.  A process of assessment and planning is designed to empower the manager to reach specific goals, develop their strengths and encourage the use of strengths in themselves and others, meanwhile increasing and maintaining a good sense of wellbeing.  


Click the link below for more specific information on Coaching and Consultancy. 

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