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Positive Psychology

"Positive Psychology is the science of wellbeing: a quest to find the universal truths which inform human progress and life satisfaction.  It aims to promote and discover the factors which allow individuals and communities to thrive"   


Seligman 2002.

Positive psychology invites us to explore the brighter side of mental health, the aspect that poses the profound question, 'What makes life truly meaningful?' Prior to Dr. Seligman's pioneering work in positive psychology, our understanding of mental health primarily dwelled on its challenges, focusing on what was amiss in individuals and the corresponding treatments required to address these issues. Over time, science has revealed that shifting our focus towards the positive aspects of human nature and life can significantly enhance overall well-being. ​


"Positive Psychology underscores the importance of delving into the elements that elevate the human experience and discovering those facets of life that transform it from merely bearable to truly fulfilling, vibrant, and abundant."

(Steger, 2009) ​


Barbara Fredrickson's 'Broaden and Build' theory posits that the more we concentrate on goodness, positivity, and our strengths, the more we generate positive emotions. These emotions enable us to perceive the best in various situations, broadening our perspective and enhancing our problem-solving skills. ​


"Positive emotions foster the exploration of innovative and creative actions, ideas, and social connections, which, in turn, nurture personal resources. These resources encompass physical, intellectual, social, and psychological aspects that can be drawn upon in the future to enhance one's ability to cope and thrive successfully."


(Fredrickson, 2004) ​


In essence, we can train ourselves to be more resilient and lead more fulfilling lives; we just need the right guidance to do so! ​ I stay updated with the latest research in positive psychology and utilize proven tools. These tools are designed to boost your state of 'flow,' hope, resilience, positive emotions, happiness, self-acceptance, self-actualization, meaning, motivation, strengths, and life satisfaction. ​


Focusing on your strengths doesn't dismiss the existence of weaknesses. In fact, as we work on enhancing your strengths, your weaknesses naturally improve. Should you wish to address a specific weakness, your strengths will provide the support needed to make the desired changes. ​


The pivotal question to ask yourself is: What adds genuine value to your life? ​


With the skills that I will impart to you, you can begin to appreciate the aspects of your life that are already wonderful, build upon those that have room for improvement, and transform the parts that no longer serve you.



Your journey towards a more fulfilling life begins here. ​ ​


Get in touch with me today to find out how: ​



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