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Social Workers 

'What do you need as a social worker?' This is a question I have often asked myself along with: 'what makes our practice better to be more able to meet our client’s needs, meanwhile being alert and realistic to both the risks and the opportunities present?' 


I might suggest that as social workers we are at our best when the following situations apply: 


When we do something that we enjoy  (flow)

When we do something that we are good at  (strength)

When we do something that feels worthwhile  (value)

When we have rested well or had time out, i.e. after a holiday or even after a good sleep  (self care)


With even one of these situations present you are more likely to do a better job, and if you manage to engage all four you will be truly working towards your best. 


Coaching with Cate at Wings for Success Coaching and Consultancy will enable you to find your flow, your strengths and your value, whilst practising self care. 

We will assess your current situation, in terms of your personal and professional life and your overall wellbeing.  We will look at what you enjoy, what you are good at, where you are challenged and where you want change.  From here we will develop your personal coaching plan.  We will explore and develop your self care skills depending on your interests and your needs.  Prioritising you will no longer be something that you only aspire to, it will become your reality and you will come to realise that looking after yourself is the most efficient and effective way of being able to give your time and energy to others. 


Click the link below to find out more about what Coaching and Consultancy can do for you.

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