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The World Health Organisation defines wellbeing as:


'A state in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to the community.'

Exploring the Path to Lasting Wellbeing

The journey of understanding wellbeing and the art of self-care is a fundamental aspect of living a fulfilling life. Both empirical evidence and life's wisdom affirm that if we don't tend to our own wellbeing, we'll find it challenging to offer our best selves in our interactions and endeavors.

At the core of wellbeing lies balance, and it's essential to harness our strengths mindfully to strike this equilibrium. Paradoxically, if we neglect this balance, our strengths may unwittingly transform into weaknesses. Take, for instance, the remarkable kindness and integrity of a person who seeks to aid others selflessly. This beautiful strength, when overextended, can deplete one's time and energy reserves, leaving them with little for self-care. Another instance is the capacity to forgive, which, when held within healthy boundaries, is a virtuous trait. However, forgiving repeatedly in an abusive relationship, for example, can ultimately undermine one's health and overall wellbeing.


The more we compromise our well-being, the more we risk losing our balance and succumbing to stress.

Dr. Martin Seligman's PERMA model highlights the key elements that enrich our happiness and wellbeing:

P - Positive Emotion: Cultivating a sense of joy and positivity in our lives.

E - Engagement: Immersing ourselves in activities that bring us into a state of flow.

R - Relationships: Nurturing and fostering positive connections with others.

M - Meaning: Discovering purpose and significance in our existence.

A - Achievement: Experiencing the fulfillment that comes with accomplishment.

I employ the PERMA model as the foundation for assessment, planning, and development throughout your coaching journey. This entails delving into thought-provoking questions:

  • How can you invite more positive emotions into your life?

  • What steps can you take to increase your engagement in daily activities?

  • Are you content with the relationships in your life, and if not, what actions can lead to transformation?

  • Where do you currently find meaning in your life, and how can you create more purpose?

  • Reflecting on past achievements and future aspirations, what gives you a sense of accomplishment?


I am your guide to holistic wellbeing enhancement, offering sustainable strategies tailored to your unique journey. As you gain more control and witness the positive transformations, you'll notice the ripple effect extending to other facets of your life.


Wellbeing equips you with resilience and the ability to navigate life's challenges with grace.

To embark on your path to enhanced wellbeing, take the first step and connect with me by clicking the link below:




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