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Love, change...and alternative care.

I LOVE this article by James Anglin!

Anglin has many years of experience reviewing alternative care and has much wisdom to share which makes the article well worth a read.

I can identify with his frustration about how systems of care change...or don't change, and how recommendations made years ago come back to be repeated many years later, sometimes with little change being achieved in between.

I feel that it is important to share this article for three reasons:

1) Because of Anglin's critique of the way in which systems of care are often changed in cyclical patterns.

2) Because he confirms that maybe, just maybe, Scotland is managing to develop "A Review Like No Other" ...where the ultimate aim is to have 'The best care system in the world'.

3) Because LOVE really should be at the heart of any alternative care system.

I urge you to give it a read!



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