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Strength in Meditation and Eggs... you start your day matters!

This morning I had the luxury of starting my day with eggs and meditation!

Normally eggs are kept for a weekend indulgence when I have more time on my hands, meditation however is something I do every day, wherever I am, whatever the circumstances.

Why do I meditate?

I meditate because I know that this space every morning prepares me for my day.

I start my day consciously (#kindness), connected to God (#spirituality), with gratitude (#gratitude), good intentions (#hope) and a positive mindset (#curiosity), and throughout the day I find myself more available to connect with others (#love) and I can respond more evenly when moments of difficulty or problems occur (#judgement).

Meditation is scientifically proven to help positive mental health and reduce symptoms of stress.

How you meditate is completely up to you! It does not need to be a spiritual practice, it can instead be about using mindfulness: aware, conscious, breathing, with intention, non judgementally...silent for a while.

Ensuring that you take time out each day to nurture you is of vital importance whether through meditation, mindfulness, or other activities.

Indeed you can boost your wellbeing on a daily basis by checking in with your strengths and using them to do something that delights you...even if just for a moment.

  • If you appreciate beauty and excellence (#appreciationofbeautyandexcellence), take a walk in the park, visit an art museum, or spend a moment looking at a beautiful flower.

  • If you are creative (#creativity), bake, knit, paint or take photographs.

  • If you love learning (#loveoflearning)...learn something new!

In short, the message is:

Use your STRENGTHS and DO something EACH day that makes you feel good,

little by little you help to BALANCE your WELLBEING.

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Because those that care, need cared for...

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