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Coaching and consultancy for adults who have been adopted or fostered. 

Coaching and care for adoptive parents and foster carers.

Coaching and consultancy for organizations.

Vision Statement


Illuminate Lives, Unleash Potential - This global coaching and consultancy service is committed to empowering adults who have navigated adoption, foster care, and adoptive/foster parenting experiences. We envision a transformation that elevates your quality of life, well-being, relationships, and the realization of your dreams.

Mission Statement

Empowering Lives, Transforming Futures: My mission is to provide tailored online coaching and consultancy services that uplift the lives of adults who've experienced adoption or foster care, as well as support adoptive parents and foster carers. I am committed to enhancing the services of organizations involved in alternative care. 

Coaching and consultancy with Cate Robinson 

I leverage my extensive professional background and evidence-based practices to provide a distinctive and specialized coaching and consultancy experience.

As a seasoned social worker, coach, and consultant, I bring my expertise in foster care, as well as a track record of improving residential child care homes and conducting investigations in the field of alternative care. I am also the co-author of guides in Spanish for adoptive parents:

Furthermore, I am the visionary behind AFAC (Asociación de Familias de Acogida de Chile), the first foster care association in Latin America, where she serves as the founder and president.

My approach is deeply rooted in self-reflection, drawing from theories such as 'Child and Youth Care,' trauma, attachment, relationship-based practice, neuroscience, and positive psychology.



Cate Robinson coaching y asesoría

Coaching with Cate:

Empowering, Guiding, and Strengthening
the Ability to
Dream, and Live a Fulfilling Life


What are you waiting for?

Today is the day to begin your transformation!

What are Character Strengths 

and how can we use them?

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Coaching with Cate was not only an amazing experience it was life changing... The positivity surrounding the coaching sessions and the changes that they bring have a positive impact on overall wellbeing as well as day to day life!! 

Not only is Cate a lovely person, she is a true professional who I would (and will) recommend!!  

Lorna D. 




My day to day living has truly benefited from coaching with Cate. I would   certainly recommend her to anyone, whether you have specific problems, need  encouragement or professional  guidance  like me. Cate has certainly helped me find a good balance in my life and not just in one area but in many.  

Thank you Cate!  

Jannine L.


Cate has a solid theoretical and professional base with significant experience working in alternative care and the creation of related public policy.  At the same time she is a good leader, she is warm and values team work. 

Francisco Covarrubias, Director Fundación ProAcogida





Cate made me aware of my value in so many ways, she helped improve the quality of my thinking, and my interpretation of life in general.  


Cate was professional in her approach, sympathetic, and easy to talk to.  She made me feel at ease from the very first session.  I would definitely recommend coaching with Cate!

James F.



Cate's insightful approach helped to build on my confidence enabling me to identify and achieve my goals.  I had previously found this to be too overwheming to achieve alone.  Cate enhanced my ability to think positively, to notice my everyday achievements and acknowledge my strengths and successes.

I would highly recommend Cate as a coach!

Claire F.

Cate stands out as a professional.  She is not only specialised in direct work with children and young people, she has also managed to combine this experience with investigations that have supported the design of public policy for children and young people in need of specialised protection. 

Candy Fabio Salas


I have been using Cate for several years now and highly recommend her services to anyone as she has the uncanny ability to point out exactly where you're going wrong and always has the right advice to help you become unstuck.

Michael - audiophile, musician, filmmaker, adopted.




I loved working with Cate, her positive energy boosted my enthusiasm and inspired me to broaden my horizons, her support gave me confidence. She is very intuitive and empathetic, and I felt understood and cared for during our sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a coach.

  Susan G. 

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