Mentoring for Young People,
Coaching and self care for Residential Child Care Workers and Foster Carers, 
Training and Consultancy for Organisations. 


Working throughout Chile to support vulnerable young people who cannot stay with their families, improving their opportunities so that they live with hope, resilience and wellbeing.  Meanwhile improving the standards of child protection through coaching and training services enabling workers and organisations to flourish. 

Mission Statement:

Wings for Success Coaching and Consultancy is based in Santiago (Chile) and provides a one to one service to individuals and organisations in Chile and online services for an international community.


Mentoring is provided to young people supporting them to go beyond their limitations, find their strengths and achieve their goals, living better lives now, meanwhile preparing them for a more successful future.  


Training, coaching and consultancy is provided to individuals and organisations in child protection services and social care, improving workers knowledge and skills so that children and young people can live in environments where they feel protected, connected, supported and achieving.

Mentoring for Young People: 

Are you a young person that is in care or have you been in care in the past?  Do you want someone who will listen to you, stick with you, guide you, and advocate on your behalf? Do you have goals to achieve and a desire to make the best of your life?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, mentoring with Cate Robinson might be exactly what you need to raise your expectations and change your future!

Often the transition from being in care to living alone is talked about in terms of independence, however, we all move through life in some way connected to, and affected by, the involvement of others.  Indeed recent literature recognises that we should be supporting young people like you to be "inter dependent", not just independent.  Cate offers a new dimension of support for those of you involved in the leaving care process, providing an online partnership that will empower you to find your strengths and reach your goals with courage and conviction. Moreover, Cate will support you to create, value and maintain those connections that really matter.     


Your past does not determine your CREATE your future!


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Mentoring for Young People

What are Character Strengths 

and how can we use them?

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Cate's insightful approach helped to build on my confidence enabling me to identify and achieve my goals.  I had previously found this to be too overwheming to achieve alone.  Cate enhanced my ability to think positively, to notice my everyday achievements and acknowledge my strengths and successes.

I would highly recommend Cate as a coach!

Claire F.


Coaching for residential child care workers and foster carers: 


It is well known that there is a void in emotional support for those working at the frontline of child care services. Wings for Success Coaching and Consultancy has been designed specifically with this in mind.  Cate Robinson provides you with a unique service, where she uses her combination of personal and professional experience, along with knowledge from research, to help her understand your needs, find your strengths, maximise your skills and promote your wellbeing. 

Whatever your profession, Cate provides a range of packages specifically tailored to meet your needs.  Packages are designed to cover individual or independent workers, government and voluntary organisations, using a thorough personal assessment and a plan of action to address specific issues and identify goals. 

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Training and consultancy for organisations:

What do young people in care need? 

They need people who have the skills to understand their trauma history, relationships, vulnerabilities and strengths, they also need people who will listen and advocate for them, helping them to become more capable individuals now and in the future.  

For workers to provide this type of service to young people, they require training, coaching, and a supervision process that attends to their personal and professional development.  

Wings for Success Coaching and Consultancy provides training packages based on your organisational needs using theories, practices, and evidence based tools from residential child care, social work, psychology and sociology.   


Whether you require training for individuals or groups, Wings for Success Coaching and Consultancy can help you develop staff who are not just competent, but consistently work to excel in every area of their practice.  


  • Choose your modules

  • Choose your time frame 

  • Choose from individual training sessions to training packages for groups.


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I loved working with Cate, her positive energy boosted my enthusiasm and inspired me to broaden my horizons, her support gave me confidence. She is very intuitive and empathetic, and I felt understood and cared for during our sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a coach.

  Susan G. 







Cate made me aware of my value in so many ways, she helped improve the quality of my thinking, and my interpretation of life in general.  


Cate was professional in her approach, sympathetic, and easy to talk to.  She made me feel at ease from the very first session.  I would definitely recommend coaching with Cate!

James F.





Wings for Success Coaching and Consultancy...  supporting, 
guiding, and empowering 
young people, carers and professionals to use their 
strengths and 
live well. 

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Wings for Success Coaching and Consultancy uses evidence based tools and information from the world of child care practice, social work and positive psychology to promote strengths and develop wellbeing in young people and their carers.





My day to day living has truly benefited from coaching with Cate. I would   certainly recommend her to anyone, whether you have specific problems, need  encouragement or professional  guidance  like me. Cate has certainly helped me find a good balance in my life and not just in one area but in many.  

Thank you Cate!  

Jannine L.




Coaching with Cate was not only an amazing experience it was life changing... The positivity surrounding the coaching sessions and the changes that they bring have a positive impact on overall wellbeing as well as day to day life!! 

Not only is Cate a lovely person, she is a true professional who I would (and will) recommend!!  

Lorna D. 


Mentoring for young people in and out of care
Wings for Success Coaching and Consultancy

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